A very important but often neglected part of your house, the outdoor rug!

You have thought out well and spend a whole lot of money on buying a dining set for outdoor use with comfortable lounge chairs on the patio, but still everything feels incomplete. It is because you are not paying attention to the most important part of outdoor furniture, the outdoor rug. So buy your favorite outdoor rug to tie all the incomplete pieces together again and allow the outdoor area of your house to become the extension of your indoor living room. Outdoor rugs now a days have moved on in terms of the wide variety of designs they have to offer, and the style, material and make they come in. They have overwhelmed people with choices as good as interior flooring rugs. You can now decorate your veranda, patio or porch with a beautiful and tasteful set of outdoor rug.

The majority of outdoor rugs are manufactured using polypropylene, nylon or polyester variations. They can be handmade, machine made or in braided styles.

When you have decided to take the plunge of buying an outdoor rug, you can glance at the following tips:

Sizing guide

It is very important to decide on the right size of your outdoor rug. You don’t want your rug to look misplaced and mismatched. Before buying, measure the area that you want to cover and figure out what shape and size will fit your outdoor area the best. If it is just the front door that you want to cover, then an outdoor accent rug is the best choice. Check and the size and then decide.

Material Selection

Always ensure that the material you pick is durable. Your outdoor rugs should be able to withhold extreme weather conditions. If you are living in harsh weather conditions then rugs in synthetic material are best suited to your needs.

Pattern selection

Rug selection requires an art directed orientation. As such, you should choose patterns that give a unified feel to your outdoor and indoor areas when looked at in a glance. A traditional home setting that calls for the outdoor rug of floral pattern, while contemporary demands a more geometric, or striped look,

Color Pallet.

You can experiment with colors for your outdoor rug, and choose vibrant colors. Sunny, bright colors can represent the sunny days, while greens can complement well the patio reflecting the natural surroundings. You can even choose blue to give that calm and composed look.



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