All you need to know about living room rugs

Rugs can anchor the look and décor of your living room. They often compliment the atmosphere of the living room and provide a spacious and illustrious feel to it.

Rugs are found in many different variants and styles ranging for every budget point of the consumer. With textures and patterns for every setup of living room, they provide a charming feel to the area. A good rug holds the power to unlock the luxurious feel to your living room like never before. Perfect the art, and you’re all game, if not then that be make a very unpleasant sight to behold.

We shall give you an over view on the living room rugs down here. Go on, scroll down.

The buying guide

  • Budget
  • The first rule would be to prepare your budget. Work out how much you’re willing to invest upon a rug. The higher you spend, the better rug you can have with you. Look for the different price points and select the one you find the right fit.
  • The dimensions
  • It’s pretty important to know what dimensions you are looking for. Thoroughly examine your premises and living area for the required dimensions and find the rug as per your desired length and width. You won’t want a petty looking tiny rug dangling around in your living room nor would you want a very large over the top one. So dig deep and find the perfect size.
  • The quality or grade
  • Living room rugs come in different options. You can have a natural fiber one or the synthetic one at almost the same pricing points. Normally the natural fiber ones are durable and better looking. However the synthetic ones hold the property of being water resistant. Decipher what kind of material you require in your rug. Don’t forget to check the grade of the material too.

Types of rug for living room

  • Runner rugs
  • It’s mostly associated with the hallway or the gallery, but you can opt for a runner rug on the sides of your living room to provide more support to the room.
  • Persian rug
  • What else can be said of this? It’s almost of a universally accepted norm that Persian rugs are the best in the world. With a rich history embroiled within alongside the magnificent artistic impressions, they make the finest living room rugs you could ever opt for. We’d advise you to go for it hands down. There’s no defying the truth.
  • Embroidered rugs
  • They are one of those rug that can compete the Persian rugs up to an extent. Opt for embroidered ones if you have a taste for fine weaving and designs. They are often crafted with intricate designs that makes them appeasing to the eyes.
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