Buy carpets – Get to know the tips

Carpets are a great addition to the floors of a house. The market today has a great assortment of carpets, sometimes there is so much out there, that it could get quite confusing to buy carpet. Carpets come is many sizes, shapes, forms, patterns, colors, etc. Choosing a particular carpet could also be expensive proposition, hence it could be a make or break deal. Here are some of the tips to consider when one decides to buy carpet.

Size of the carpet

This could differentiate between the carpet being a cheap buying option or an expensive one. The market comes with different sizes for carpet like, area carpets, rug runners, room carpets, etc. Based on the room, one could decide on the perfect size for buying carpet. Typically the room carpets are the most expensive one, as they cover the entire house. If one decides to buy area carpets, it is necessary to measure the size that one wants the carpet to be.


This choice could be a huge difference while buying carpet in terms of maintenance and durability. Traditional carpets are woven in wool and cotton. These carpets are quite durable and are known to last quite long. They include quite heavy craftwork and could be quite expensive. Since they have natural fibers, they are not dirt or stain resistant and cleaning them up is not easy. Most of the transitional and modern carpets are made using synthetic fibers with one yarn or multiple yarns. These are generally machine-made and more versatile. As they use natural fibers, they are more study and are dirt and stain resistant. Cleaning them is also an easy proposition. In terms of price, the transitional and modern carpets are relatively cheaper than the traditional ones.


The color used for dying the carpet makes quite a bit of difference when one decides to buy carpet. The traditional ones are known to use natural vegetable dyes for the carpets, however, cleaning them could be quite messy as they tend to bleed. The transitional and modern carpets use synthetic dyes making them less prone to bleeding.

Plain and patterns

The decision to buy carpets with and without patterns could make a big difference in terms of price of the carpet. The plain carpets, called the shag rugs, are the cheapest among all the types of carpets. They come in bold colors which make them a good addition to any house. The patterned carpets are relatively expensive and they have great pattern combinations, however, all these patterns are laid on light background. This makes it easier to stain and maintenance could be more tedious than plain carpets.

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