Can contemporary carpet have an impact?

Fine contemporary style carpets introducing a modern look in your home is just the right thing for you to have your floor covered with for an increased detailing. It brings a buzzing energy to your modern day decor by making it stand out elegantly and yet in a quite subtle manner. You might be surprised at what great of an impact is made just by furnishing your floor with an exquisite contemporary carpet. It helps give a signature look to your interior fashion in addition to keeping up with the flooring trends today.

Wool and silk fibres are the most commonly used fibres for carpets and hence are appropriate to give a delightful contemporary detail. Velvet has contemporary touch to it as well.

Woolen carpets:

Wool is highly durable, has a great affinity for dyes and is a natural fiber. If you want to get a woolen carpet with an increased durability, go for a carpet having woolen fibers blended with synthetic fibers for example, nylon. These wool yarns are commonly used in production of modern carpet. Wool is relatively expensive and so is not very popular with low budget home designing. In addition to being very stylish, wool carpets are very healthy for your home. It catches the dust particles and debris from your surroundings and makes it fresh and breathable. Also, since it has great affinity for dyes, it does not release harmful toxins.

Velvet carpets:

A signature addition to a modern, high class home décor, velvet is the ultimate stuff for a contemporary carpet. It is a plush, rich and panache floor covering. Velvet carpets add more style to your already perfect home. Sumptuous velvet carpet with contemporary colors paired with polished furniture is aimed to give luxurious look to your home.

Silk carpets:

Silk carpets are naturally tremendously lustrous, shiny pieces of your décor adding brilliant looks to it. They have an innate ability to display varying colors of spectrum giving an illusion of viewing different colored carpets instead of its original color. A contemporary silk carpet is invaluable and very expensive due to its extraordinary qualities.

Knotted carpets:

Not only are they smooth to the touch and extremely soft, knotted carpets are also one of the popular designs of carpets used for decorating homes. They can be machine made or hand woven (hand woven being high quality and expensive).


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