Guide to Unique Area Rugs


Rugs are important pieces to have in any room in the house. They are particularly important in protecting your feet when the floor is cold as a result of prevailing weather condition. Rugs are also functional in a different way; they positively transform the look and feel of a room they are used in.

The fact that you are out for unique area rugs requires that you shop for rugs that are extra-ordinary. Although you have the option of choosing unique rugs with traditional patters and contemporary patterns, those that feature traditional patterns have become very popular, something that you may also need to consider when shopping.


Area rugs are made using varied materials, something you need to keep in your mind when shopping.

  • Wool – Wool has traditionally remained the material of choice when it comes to making of area rugs. In addition withstanding a lot of foot traffic for a reasonable period, wool is also friendly to the feet. Woolen area rugs turn out to be some of the most expensive.
  • Cotton – Cotton has for centuries been braided and dyed to make area rugs that are not only affordable but also durable. Area rugs made of cotton are available in a wide range of colors since cotton dyes very easily.
  • Natural fibers – Such natural fibers as sisal, jute and Sea grass continue to be used in making of area rugs. These materials are known to produce tough and durable area rugs that are very cheap.

It is important to note that some area rugs are made with a mixture of materials. Examples include area rugs made with a mixture of woo and silk or polypropylene.


You may also want to consider the process through which an area rug has been produced in your search for rugs that are unique.

  • Hand-knitted rugs- these turn out to be some of the unique area rugs that you can find. Knitted area rugs take a long time to produce and are always of the highest quality. Their authenticity lies in the fact that they are hand-made using natural materials.
  • Tufted rugs – Although these can be hand-crafted, most available rugs are those that are machine-produced.
  • Hooked rugs – these can be made by hand or machine. Their production involves using yams and layers of cloth that serve to hold loops tightly.
  • Flatweave rugs – these do not feature any knots. They are simply threaded with warps.

There are several factors you need to consider when shopping for unique area rugs. The fact that unique rugs are always expensive requires that you save enough to cover the cost. You also need to consider size of room where you wish to place a rug. It is not necessary that a rug has to cover the whole floor. Rugs are only meant to cover areas that matter.

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