Is teak wood flooring right for your home?

What is teak wood?

Teak wood is easily amongst the most beautiful kind of wood that there is, suitable for almost anything in and around the house, right from the bedrooms to your kitchen and living room. Its appealing texture along with the warmth and the durability that it provides makes it one of the best options. Being extremely rare, teak wood is also quite the expensive option. In the midst of all that, is getting teak wood flooring worth it? Read on to discover that yourself!

The benefits of getting teak wood flooring

The water resistance that comes with teak wood flooring is easily amongst the biggest advantages that it offers. On top of that, teak wood flooring also keeps insects and termites at bay, since teak wood is resistant to all of them. Teak wood is more durable than most other flooring options, which adds to the amount of foot traffic and friction it can withstand, without any scratches appearing on it.

The aesthetic value that teak wood adds to a home is something that no other flooring option can provide. These floors have a warm and elegant feel in them that they add to any home- something that no other wood-type does so wonderfully. From an environmental point of few, since teak trees do not grow in the rainforests, harvesting of teak wood does not harm these forests in any manner.

The problems associated with teak wood flooring

One of the biggest factors that make people apprehensive of getting teak wood flooring is the associated cost- something that is added on to due to the short-supply of the wood. Add to that extra costs associated with shipping, keeping in mind the distances it has to travel to reach buyers at times- and it reaches a level far higher than any other alternative. Additionally, the maintenance that teak needs with contrast to other varieties of wood also adds to the overall cost.

Should you go in for teak wood flooring?

Even if you can comfortably afford teak wood floors, you still need to consider a few other factors before its installation. If you are planning to do it yourself or get professionals for the same is an important consideration- given the cost that comes with procuring teak, many homeowners get it done by professionals. If you are doing it on your own, then you should make sure that the flooring where it is to be installed is leveled.

With these things in mind, you should be able to make the best of teak wood flooring for sure!


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