Laminate Flooring is nothing but a multi-layer flooring made of a synthetic material fused with a lamination process. The two processes are called High Pressure Laminate and the Direct Pressure Laminate. This flooring is also called floating wood tile in the US. It comes in a very large variety so there is a big choice for consumers when it comes to selecting it for their homes. They can choose between the glue-less, pre-glued laminate flooring or one with an attached underlay besides the traditional grooved laminate flooring. The embossed textured surface laminates are new additions to the already large range that give flooring a very realistic and aesthetic appeal. For the convenience of the consumers the laminate flooring has been given ratings to help them choose the perfect floor for a particular room or space. Laminated flooring provides a smooth and durable surface besides being resistant to scratching and staining to a certain extent.

Types of Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring is manufactured in materials like wood, tile and stone. The designs are so attractive that the flooring has the grains of wood or stone. They come in square and rectangular tiles or planks. Laminated sheets are available in various colors, patterns and designs at affordable and pocket friendly rates. Laminate flooring technology has considerably improved over the years that it has become difficult to distinguish between laminate flooring and real natural tile or wood flooring.

Placement of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is perfect for any room in your home including the high traffic areas. They are a very good choice for someone who believes in laying the floor themselves. Laminated flooring can give the look of stone or ceramic tile without having to go through the process of getting tiles installed at more expensive rates. For the kitchen and dining areas they are perfect due to their durable and stain proof property.

Manufacturers of Decorative Laminated Flooring

You can browse through the catalogs of manufacturers of Decorative Laminated Flooring a easily and get detailed information about the complete range of products related to Lamination. In fact there are unlimited options for your home as far as colors and designs are concerned. Beautiful tile designs and the exceptionally realistic planks have been created by leading laminate manufacturers using sophisticated and computerized technology. The top melamine finish besides being very attractive in looks is very easy on maintenance.


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