Oriental rugs are the perfect vintage partners for your house floor

Oriental rugs have their own history of having heavy textile and coming from the so called oriental countries, made for local use as well as for making profit.

They come in a variety of materials like silk, cotton and wool. These rugs have a long lineage of tradition, elegance and sophistication attached to them. As such they are considered to be of utmost good quality. Oriental rugs have long been found in countries ranging from Africa to China, also called as the “Oriental belt”. People across this stretch come from a wide range of religions, beliefs, faith and culture. Their traditions have also differed extensively. But they together make oriental rugs in their own special way. Since geographically the countries producing oriental rugs are Islamic, they are often called by that name, and oriental rugs is only used for convenience.

Oriental rugs are like addiction, owning a pair of them speaks of prestige. The more you dwell into finding about them, the more you awe their artistry and intricate designing standard. As such there can be a lot of false rugs being sold under the name of oriental rugs, and you need to be extremely careful while dealing with such incidences. Off the shelf buying of such rugs should be avoided because it increases the possibility of being forged.

Certain precautions will come handy while buying your first set of oriental rugs.

Know your rug well

You should research well on how the rugs are actually being made. With all the knots and weaving details at hand, you can plunge into differentiating between a look alike and an actual oriental one.

Be ready to invest time

Rug buying is a time taking activity. And when you first decide to shop, make sure you have all your dimensions at hand while buying a rug.  The floor should be 2 3 inches visible from the side of your rug as a basic rule.

Choose the vendor wisely

While buying such a piece of art, make sure you do that from a reputed store, which have been in this business for a long time. They will also be able to guide you well on the types, colors and patterns of rugs available and the ones that will suit your house. Do not go for sellers who have just been set up, or at auctions. There might be a high chance that you might get misguided into buying something fake.


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