The alluring carpet designs

Carpets the world over are a sign of fine living. They reflect your taste for the finer things in life. They could also be the proof of travels of those bitten by the travel bug. The practical purpose of a carpet is to add some warmth to the floor and protect from the cold climes. This functionality can be utilized to turn the carpet into an awe inspiring element of design.

Types of carpets

There are many types of carpets from every corner of the world. Each represents the ethnic and cultural ethos of the place it hails from. The most sought after are the Persian carpets for their time less beauty. These carpets come in various patterns like geometric and nature inspired designs. They use the bright colors of nature like red, green, brown, black and white and the motifs are taken from nature.  The Egyptian carpets also draw from nature but they are reminiscent of the tribal life. They use vibrant colors which is unique to all tribal art. The contemporary carpets reflect the changing décor and design trends.  They are versatile enough to be used as focal points owing to their bright and bold designs or act as highlighters to the other spectacular elements of design.

Popular colors

The carpets have adapted well to the emerging color trends. They are no longer in the neutral shades of beige or gray. The Persian and oriental carpets were always using bright colors as they drew heavily from nature.  The contemporary carpets have now changed from the safe neutral shades to the popular vibrant bright colors.


The texture of the carpet contributes greatly to its alluring appearance. The textures have become fluffy and spongy and are pleasurable to touch. The various textures available in carpets offer a contrast to the sleek and soft lines of the furniture of the room. The blend of different textures with the vibrant colors has a universally appealing effect.


The varied textures make the maintenance of the carpets a breeze. The contemporary carpets are easier to clean as they do not attract and hold on to the dirt like the traditional carpets do. The Persian carpets have to be handled with utmost care as the colors might run if washed and scrubbed indiscriminately.  Depending on how much the carpet has been soiled they might require the services of professional carpet cleaners.


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