Tips for Decorating with a Purple Rug

Purple is a very wonderful and versatile color that can really pay off big dividends when it is used in conjunction with other colors, or even alone in your home decor. So if you are partial to purple and want to use a purple rug in your home it is a very easy thing to do considering you just take advantage of a few basic steps.

  1. Consider the Effects on Mood:

First of all let’s look at the effect of the color purple on the state of mind or the feelings of well-being to all who come into contact with it. This includes its effect on your own wellbeing because it will certainly affect you also. Your purple rug will have a relaxing and calming effect on you and all who see it even though it can come in a wide variety of shades

  1. Which Room should I use my purple rug?

This dark relaxing colored rug is greatly appreciated by more men and women than any other. It causes human beings to relax more and meditate because its beauty will draw their undivided attention. I would place a purple rug in a room where people will meet or remain for a period of time. It would be wonderful for the dining room, or sitting room where people will remain and have an extended conversation. Purple tends to cause people to fall into a reflexive mood so definitely use it when constructive conversation is in order.

  1. Factors to be considered

Another factor to consider for the most effective use of your purple rug is the rest of the décor in the room. Purple very easily matches other colors so it is much easier to blend it into your existing décor. Colors such as gray, blue, and any type of pastels compliment it very well. Purple is almost neutral so your rug can be used for stability when you are decorating a room where you have used one or more bright colors. The presence of purple will provide a stable effect and settle the room down. If you have used several bright colors to have a vivid pattern purple will provide a stable base. It is almost impossible to use this color incorrectly. For this, and many other reasons purple is a wonderful choice in just about every case. Purple also makes one of the very best colors to use for accent or trim.

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