Wholesale area rugs – Types of rugs that could be found

Area rugs are the most commonly used rugs throughout the world and particularly in the US. They could be found easily is most of the big furniture stores or also in the specialized rug stores. However, for dealers one of the best places to find a rug or a class of rug would be in wholesale. Wholesale area rugs have a whole assortment of rugs and sometimes it could difficult for one to decide on a particular kind of rug. Here is the list of different types of wholesale area rugs.

Traditional rugs

Their name defines them. These rugs tend to be on the expensive side due to the heavy craftwork incorporated in them. They are generally handwoven, which makes every rug unique and personal. Rarely are they machine-made, even then, they are woven together with yarns of different material, making them one of a kind. Some of the famous traditional wholesale area rugs known for their own styles are, Heriz rugs, Oriental rugs, etc. If they are hand-made the materials used are wool and cotton. If they machine-made the materials include a mix of cotton, wool, nylon, polypropylene, etc.

Transitional rugs

This type of wholesale area rugs are great for people who could not afford to buy traditional ones. The disparity between the prices of these two of types of rugs are big. Traditional rugs are so precious that even the collectors hunt them, however, that is not the case with the transitional rugs. They are a perfect intermediate between the traditional and contemporary styles. They are mostly machine-made, rarely hand woven. However, they are incorporated with light craftwork and hence, give almost the same grandeur as the traditional rugs. They are mostly made of synthetic fabrics.

Contemporary rugs

These are the modern rugs among the different types of wholesale area rugs. They include modern interactions of different patterns synchronizing well with each other. These rugs are mostly machine-made and are woven with synthetic fabrics. Some include yarn from one type of synthetic fiber and others include yarn from different synthetic fibers. They are further classified into cut-loop, pile-loop and cut-pile-loop rugs depending upon the feel of the rug.

Shag rugs

This type of wholesale area rugs are great addition as they do not include heavy patterns as in the case of contemporary rugs. They are generally plain in appearance with different bold dyes. These come in pile-loop form and are known to be extremely comfortable. They are cheapest in terms of price when compared all the different types of wholesale area rugs. They come with a firm padding.

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