Why ‘natural’ hardwood floor cleaners may not be the best thing

The importance of selecting the right hardwood floor cleaner

Hardwood floors are amongst the most premium and expensive flooring options that there are, getting increasingly popular with every passing minute. Hardwood flooring, which requires engineered and solid wood, is complicated and expensive task. Once you have installed this flooring, you will obviously want to maintain its appearance for as long as possible-, which is all about making it shine for as many years as you can. The key to doing this is nothing more than choosing the right type from amongst the various hardwood floor cleaners that there are!

Traditional hardwood floor cleaners

An age-old method of cleaning hardwood floors involves using a cleaner made from mixing together vinegar and water. The hardwood floor cleaners made from this can have different ratios, and there are quite a few variations, including linseed oil with vinegar in the ratio 1:1, the use of mineral or soft baby oil and so on. These are the most recommended by homeowners, falling under the categories of home remedies. Such cleaners offer an inexpensive and effective way of keeping your hardwood floors shining for several years.

How safe is this option?

While this may sound like a simple and harmless technique to try, there are issues that may crop up with the long-term use of this mixture. Over the years, the shine of the hardwood floors with these cleaners will be lost since vinegar being an acid, has acidic qualities. Cleaning a hardwood floor is nothing less than an art, and choosing the right kind of material is one of the most important elements of it.

Additionally, wood is also hygroscopic- meaning that it attracts water, and using it for cleaning hardwood floors over a long period of time will leave a negative impact on the floor, and the same will happen if oils are used in place of water too.

So what should you do now?

In this search for the best hardwood floor cleaners, you will realize one thing- the best of cleaners will also be the biggest enemy of hardwood floors and hardwood in general. While the cleaner recommended by the manufacturer may work well, long-term use of anything else other than that may just be a problem.  In case the use of vinegar and water mix is unavoidable, then a better way to use it is to spray the solution rather than pour/wet the mop with it.

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