Why should you choose 9 * 12 area rugs?

The area rugs are preferred by a lot of homeowners. They are used in the living area which enhances the look of the entire room. You would find some type of carpeting being used in many of the houses. They may not always be wall to wall carpeting. Some may have wooden floors or tiles. Tiles and wooden flooring make the room appear bare even when furnished well. It is also cold in the winter and unpleasant to walk being icy chill. Rooms with tiled or wooden flooring look better with 9*12 area rugs.

Advantages of 9 * 12 area rug

There are a lot of advantages to using 9 * 12 area rug. They define the area clearly in a large open space for lounge or entertainment area or for a dining room or bedroom.

If you use 9 * 12 area rugs the area feels much warmer and cozier. Furniture will look better with the area rug in front of a beautiful fireplace. You can find a lot of designs in the market. Persian rugs display intricate designs with fabulous  colors. They look stunning on wooden floors and fit well enhancing the decor of the room. You can choose plain colors for patterned furniture.

Maintenance of rugs

The area rugs are easier to maintain than wall to wall carpeting. You can clean them professionally. These rugs are very nice to set your foot. It feels warm and provides welcoming feel. There are lots of styles to suit any decor. You can find rugs made from wool, sisal, silk, cotton-wool mix etc. You can also find these rugs in man-made fibers.

You will have a lot of choices to make your home look beautiful with 9 * 12 area rugs. You may choose to cover the entire room rather than cover a small area. People with babies generally prefer to cover the wider area to prevent babies from crawling onto the bare floor. Some people also use these  9 * 12 area rugs as wall hangings to enhance the appearance of the room.


You can choose the rugs depending on your preference from online stores which offer various styles and designs. You will be able to get the good bargain if you have the patience to search through many online stores. There will be stores who may offer discounts which are a good opportunity to get them at discounted price. You need to spend some of your time and effort to choose the best rug and it is worth your time since it enhances the value of your home.

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