Wool area rug, a natural alternative to style.

Want to make your investment in rugs worthwhile and it also has to be natural? The ideal material to invest in is wool. Wool is a natural fibre so woolen rugs with their unparalleled authenticity, are the most popular kind to lay on your floor. It is the perfect alternative to synthetic fibre rugs as it is equally durable.

Woolen area rugs are the perfect piece of floor covering to put in your home. They sit there giving your room a splendid look and a refined accent. A wool area rug is all of the following things and more:


It has a high affinity to dye and can thus be dyed in over a thousand hues. This helps with giving it different color combinations, patterns and a clear depth.


Woolen rugs actually prevent heat loss from your floor reducing the energy required for heating your house in winters. Similarly, in summers it will help cooling up the space as it prevents the temperature of a room from rising.


It is extremely sustainable. Since wool is a natural fiber taken off a sheep, it takes a lot less energy to come to its workable shape as compared to nylon which is a synthetic fiber and needs a good load of machines and chemicals for its production. Wool is also biodegradable.


You can sit back and relax if you have invested your money in a woolen rug because it retain its shape hence stays the same lasting for a good length of time.


A woolen rug does not give off toxic chemical substances which may have a really harmful effect on your health. This means that the dye used will not give off any additional toxins and will stay the same for long (except if you use it outdoors, then it’s color fading cannot be guaranteed). Moreover, it prevents the production of bacteria and other insects such as dust mites making it a healthy choice for your home, specially if you have children around.

In addition to various plus points, keep in mind that with them being natural, wool area rugs are very sensitive and they have certain limits to their use in your home. Dirt, debris and dust can accumulate in a wool area rug and can destroy it. Also, it can absorb water so keeping it in a place prone to moisture is not a good thought.


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